Galaxy Heat & Light extremely suitable for bathroom heating Finally simple comfortable warmth.

and at the same time superbly illuminated

Galaxy Heat & Light is extremely suitable as bathroom heating. The infrared panel is easy to install on the existing light point and provides a pleasant local warmth at the times you set.
As an extra, beautiful, well-luminous lighting is integrated in this heating panel.

Doubly functional: heating and lighting your bathroom at the same time! Smart, handy and useful, because you can easily install the products from the Galaxy Heat & Light series instead of your existing lighting. Not only wonderful warmth, but also radiant lighting. You can also adjust the panel to your own wishes in terms of finish, lighting and control of the lighting and heating.

heating options

The infrared heating and radiation element is a highly efficient, class 1 infrared heating panel based on Carbon/Grafene (Nano) with a plate size of 500 × 1,200 mm. An LED is mounted on the front side of the panel as a heating signal.

The heating capacity is approximately 500 Watts. Because the panel has a plastic backing, it is completely corrosion-free and the heating panel has a 12-year product warranty.
The plate has a very nice smooth surface. For finishing the appearance of the panel, you can choose from various alternatives to have the whole made to your own taste. Due to the standard white color of the panel, it is not noticeable at all. On the other hand, with your own chosen RAL color or your own photo print, you can turn the element into a striking work of art.

Lighting options

You can choose from two lighting types for this panel. Depending on your wishes, you can choose from:
The “direct lighting” by two pieces (A+) LED lamps, type 3-step, which run through the light intensity 100 %-50% -25 %-0% switching on/off in quick succession (start up always with 100%) , the light color is warm white light (2,700K), particularly economical: 2 x 6.5 Watt (approx. 80 Watt traditional light bulb approx. 920 Lumen). The LED lamps have a beam angle of 100° and therefore also provide sufficient spatial lighting. The LED lamps are sealed watertight all around in the heating element, so that no water can penetrate.
Or you can opt for “indirect lighting” through the LED strips integrated on the two longitudinal sides. High Efficiency LED strip, light color 3,000 K. This type produces approximately 3,100 lumens of light output. Due to the standard supplied wall control, it is continuously dimmable.

Control options

Heating options

This panel comes standard with a fully programmable thermostat with basic LCD screen, type 510.
With this thermostat you can choose:
a) setting weekend and weekdays or
b) 7 days.
In both cases you can set 6 temperature switching points per 24 hours.
Alternatives are the 520 version with a larger LCD screen or the 310i version, which allows app control via your WiFi.

Lighting options

In the direct lighting version, the Galaxy can be connected to any light point wiring (switch wire/black, neutral/blue) using the standard wireless wall switch.
Alternatively, the panel can be made in a 3-wire version. This allows you to continue to operate the lighting from the existing wall switch. A precondition for this option is the presence of a neutral wire (blue), a live wire (brown) and the light switching wire on the old light point.
The version with indirect lighting is supplied with a wireless wall dimmer as standard.


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