Galaxy Mini-W2di310iWS

Infrared heating panel with integrated lighting:
• dimensions: 60(w) x 60(l) x 5(h) cm
• heating power: 300 Watt by means of Carbon-Grafen (heating element), surface to be heated up to 6m2
• surface: smooth
• color: standard white color
• two-wire power supply (neutral and switching wire)
• type of lighting : direct 1x LED spot
• lighting on/off : wireless wall switch
• heating on/off: fully programmable wireless WiFi thermostat basic LCD screen
• complete with: fasteners, drilling template, manual, packaging-shipping costs

610.00 (incl. BTW/MwSt/VAT)

expected delivery 16 October 2023 _


infrared radiation panel size approx. 60(l)x60(w) x 5(h)cm
• the Galaxy panel has a heating capacity of approx. 300 Watt, and is suitable for main heating of rooms up to 6m2 floor area (bathrooms 3-4 m2)
• surface structure: smooth
• color : standard white color
• quality: class 1 (highest conversion to infrared radiation) by carbon/graphene (nano) infrared radiation element (infrared panel)
• particularly suitable for additional or main heating of a toilet or small bathroom
• attractive design, frameless and sloping back sides for a sleek “floating effect”
• very lightweight, only 3.0 kg and can therefore be mounted on almost all ceilings
• the outside of the panel, including the heating element, is made of plastic and therefore corrosion-free, IP class 44, no earthing is required due to this plastic construction
• the element is 100% maintenance-free heating (except for battery replacement)
• the integrated lighting consists of one economical (A+) LED lamp, consumption approx. 7 Watt (460 Lm comparable to 40 Watt traditional), light color: warm white 2,700K, lighting angle: 110 degrees system: 3-step dimmable 25 %-50% 100%. Boot LED at 100%
• connection to existing light point wiring : 2-wire: zero (blue) and switching wire (black) is sufficient for the installation, both heating and lighting are switched wirelessly separately from each other
• the heating switches on with the supplied wireless programmable thermostat basic LCD display, can also be operated manually (batteries 2x AA included), on/off is visible on the display and via the signal LED on the side of the panel (on 1x end face)
• the lighting switches with a wireless (on button battery included) wall switch (included) 80x80x15mm, to be mounted on an existing wall socket
• the mounting/installation roughly consists of placing the drilling template, drilling 4 holes, placing plugs and fastening screws, connecting ceiling wiring to the panel and placing wall switch and thermostat. This can usually be achieved within 2 hours
• supplied complete with manual, drill/assembly template and fasteners
• you will receive a 12-year product warranty on the Galaxy heating element, 5 years on other elements within the package


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